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This DokuWiki is there for you to get the most out of the Minetest game server : Minaventure.

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What Are The Minaventure Rules ?

On Minaventure, we want to keep a good atmosphere. So the rules will remain simple, but logical:

No Grief

Do not destroy the constructions of other players or players.

The simplest is to say to you: “I did not build that, so I do not touch…”

No Language Gap

Do not insult players,

Do not belittle others,

Do not criticize,

Do not … well I do not know anything about it but if what you want to say is mean, do not say it.

Why do you want to hurt others with your words?

Don't give any personal information

Be independent

Go mining, make a stock of resources, build your tools, and put a block of protection before building to not be robbed or griefed…

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